The Habitat homeownership program is open to anyone living in Peterborough County who is in need of decent housing and who does not have a mortgage or own property.

Habitat for Humanity partners with families who are ready for the responsibility and challenges of

homeownership, but would not qualify for a traditional mortgage.  The selection of families is based on three principles:

  • The need for safe, decent, affordable shelter
  • The ability to pay a zero-interest mortgage
  • The willingness to give back to the community through volunteering


Families must be living in either unsafe or unhealthy conditions, substandard or overcrowded housing co

nditions or have high rent relative to income.


Families must have the ability to make monthly mortgage payments and other expenses that come with homeownership and not have an overwhelming amount of debt.  At least one adult must show a consistent work history of 2 – 3 years.

The entire family’s employment income and/or long-term disability (ODSP) are considered.  Habitat Peterborough does not accept families whose only source of income is Social Assistant (Ontario Works) or Employment Insurance.

If an applicant has declared bankruptcy it must have been discharged for at least three years.


Families must be willing to volunteer 500 hours of “sweat Equity” towards the construction of their home, other Habitat homes, or other Habitat programs such as the ReStore.

Families must also attend a series of workshops on homeownership and be willing to participate in Habitat’s Family Partnership program which offers support and guidance in all aspects of homeownership.

Families must be willing to work toward building solid relationships with volunteers, donors, community members and neighbours as a Habitat homeowner.

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